Menna Hamza


Our Story

Where It All Began

MHJ launched in October 2011. Egypt is a cultural melting pot; likewise, MHJ’s main concept is to be influenced by and reflect all of its rich culture and heritages together, to design an artistic piece of fine jewelry for today’s extraordinary woman. Every piece Menna Hamza designs is meant to be indi- vidual and unique, and each piece in MHJ is part of a big story she is telling through design. Today, what she does in MHJ is absorb as much beauty and complexity as she can from every place she visits, and let that beauty influence and reflect on her very Arabic and Egyptian signature design style; which leads her to create new unique and individual pieces every time. And now, MHJ products are sold in Egypt, Gulf countries, and Europe. Additionally, MHJ was featured in leading magazines and publications like British Vogue, Al Roya, among others.

About the designer

Hello, I am Menna Hamza, artist, passionate traveler and jewellery designer. I decided to mix all these passions together to build my own jewelry brand: Menna Hamza Jewellery. For me, traveling and art are my life! I graduated from Fine Arts in 2011 with a dream to launch my own jewelry brand, I had no idea about startups and business, but by time and as my brand began to expand, I started to learn more about how to run a sustainable business. Besides that I was learning more technical skills to have my own different line in the market. Being passionate about traveling and discovering different cultures, I decided to mix this passion with my work (which is also another passion of mine). So each piece has a different story.

Latest From Menna Hamza Jewelry!


    Every MHJ piece is handmade with love, made of pure 925 sterling silver, dipped in 18k gold, and adorned with gem- stones, pearls, and Swarovski crystals.